Italfornavi and its delivery of food, drink and cigarettes reaches all the ports of Sardinia

Italforniture the company that delivers food and drink and manages to reach all the ports of Sardinia. The experience it has gained has allowed it to expand the business and become a leading company in delivering drinks, cigarettes and food to all the ports of Sardinia. Connecting Sardinia to the rest of the country is no longer a problem with Italforniture the company that guarantees maximum security and expertise in transporting cigarettes, alcohol and indispensable goods to all the ports in Sardinia.

Italforniture is relied upon for the delivery of food, cigarettes and drink.

The experience of Italfornavi, the company based in Cagliari that reaches all the Sardinian ports delivering provisions and all types of products, food, cigarettes and drinks, is relied upon for connecting Sardinia to the rest of the country. Reliability and trustworthiness in food delivery, is our catchphrase which allows us to offer a secure and reliable service reaching all the ports of Sardinia. All the ports of Sardinia are served by Italforniture the leading company in this field which thanks to the experience gained in the years delivers food, cigarettes, and drink to all the ports in Sardinia.

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